This year, many people are working from home due to the pandemic. The work-from-home trend has been great in some ways (it’s helped people save on gas and vehicle wear-and-tear), but it’s been challenging in some ways as well. In particular, it’s created new demand for physical therapy as people experience more backaches, headaches and other general aches and pains that come from working in an environment not meant for it. Here’s why the demand for physical therapy is growing this year in direct response to more people working from home.

Now that we’re more than a month into 2021, you may find that your resolutions are starting to get a little more challenging. Eating healthy food day after day can be difficult, especially if the recipes you’ve chosen so far are bland or complicated to make. Well, you’re in luck, because here is a healthy, satisfying and great-tasting dinner recipe that will help you stay on track in the new year.

Have you noticed your clothes fit a little tighter after indulging in holiday goodies and dinners? You’re in good company. Many people gain a few extra pounds at the end of the year. Sometimes, that holiday weight gain is very difficult to get rid of and becomes permanent weight gain. To keep this from happening to you, it’s important to take active steps to fight back against weight gain during the holidays and afterward. Fortunately, Newport Medical and Wellness Center offers weight loss services that can help you fight the bulge and come out conqueror.

The year 2020 took a physical, emotional and mental toll on many people. Now that 2021 is here, it’s time to put your best self—and your best face—forward. After a year of wearing masks that cause acne and irritate the delicate skin of the face, here are five things you can do to enjoy more beautiful skin in the new year and beyond.

Did you know poor posture can eventually lead to chronic back pain? It’s estimated that approximately 20% of people experiencing chronic low back pain. Depending on the severity, chronic back pain can significantly hamper quality of life and make it difficult to do very basic things such as work, walk or even stand.

For many people, the holidays bring joy, relaxation and rejuvenation. Unfortunately, they also tend to bring a few extra pounds. Delicious food, Hallmark movies and extra time to laze around can spell disaster for your waistline. If you’re worried about heading back to normal life with a new “spare tire,” here are five preventative ways to stay healthy and fit during the holidays.

Burnout is a term that refers to the mental, emotional and physical exhaustion that’s caused by chronic stress. It’s normal to feel stress periodically throughout life. A little worry is normal and nothing to be concerned about. However, if you’re in a constant state of physical, emotional or mental stress, it’s only a matter of time until you begin to harm your health.

During the fall, it can be harder to enjoy fresh salad because many of the ingredients commonly found in salad are out of season. But don’t worry! This autumn twist on a summer salad allows you to take advantage of the fall harvest while enjoying rich, satisfying flavors.

This fall, many people are more nervous than usual about getting sick. This is unsurprising, due to the current pandemic. However, you have more control than you realize over how you respond to illness and how quickly your body can recover. To help you prepare for this cold and flu season, here are some tips for managing any illnesses you may experience.

You do everything you can to beautify and pamper your skin, including cleansing it, moisturizing it and protecting it from the sun. But what do you do when wrinkles pop up despite your best efforts? First of all, try not to be too concerned. Wrinkles and fine lines are natural and happen to everyone as they age. They can also be easily reduced with regular Botox treatments. Here’s how to recognize when you should start integrating Botox into your skincare routine.