LongSpine Method

Created by Rachna LaLonde, P.T.

It is a way of moving, a way of breathing, a way of thinking and a way of living. LongSpine Method helps people relieve pain, move with proper mechanics, lose weight, attain a sculpted body with especially defined abdominal muscles, and prevent future musculoskeletal dysfunctions. Learn how to run, walk, jump, spin, cycle, work, drive, and LIVE with LongSpine Method.

We are the home of the LongSpine Method which is integrated into group therapeutic exercises classes for the correction and prevention of most orthopedic and neurologic dysfunctions of the body associated with aging, sedentary lifestyle and even improper exercise methods.

LongSpine Classes – Basic, Power, Release

LongSpine POWER: This is an intense boot camp styled exercise class which changes daily and always incorporates the following exercise formats:

  • Core Stabilization
  • Cardio-Pulmonary Exercises
  • Plyometric Exercises
  • Resistance Training
  • Body Sculpting
  • LongSpine Method

LongSpine BASIC: This is a therapeutic exercise class specifically created by Rachna LaLonde for the purpose of strengthening the muscles that keep the spine, limbs and peripheral nerves long against gravity. The exercises are mostly isometric in nature, completed on a mat, without equipment, and focus primarily on the muscles of exhalation which incorporates the contraction of all core muscles. Clients who have been participating in this class for eight weeks or more have referred to the program as “transformational”. All classes are suited to benefit beginners and advanced alike. It is excellent for people with any/all orthopedic issues as well as those simply looking for a stronger core and leaner looking muscles.


LongSpine RELEASE: This is an hour long class intended to demonstrate to patients a “full body release” technique using a foam roller or “trigger point” roller. The therapist will demonstrate as well as assist patients in using the roller to release muscles, fascias, and scar tissue, in order to improve joint range of motion as well as decrease pain. This class is also a great adjunct to LongSpine Basic and/or LongSpine Power classes. The class is intended to teach clients/patients how to use the roller on their own to effectively improve his/her own health.

LongSpine PUMP: A one hour weight lifting, sculpting & toning class with strict adherence to the LongSpine Method.

LongSpine Class Pricing

  • Please contact our office for class pricing, to sign up, or for more information 949-631-9009

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