Meal Replacement

OPTIFAST succeeds because it treats the whole you-not just your weight. A comprehensive medical weight loss program, with OPTIFAST you’ll be closely monitored (1-4 times a month) and given the support, counseling, lifestyle education and great-tasting meal replacements to help you enjoy long term weight loss and significantly reduce weight-related health risks. Simple and effective, OPTIFAST meal replacements allow you to benefit from:

  • High-quality, complete nutrition
  • Pre-portioned and calorie-controlled servings
  • Quick and simple preparation
  • Freedom from having to make food choices

Meal ReplacementSome people are skeptical about their ability to follow such a diet, but adjusting to a full meal replacement food plan typically only takes about one week. Afterward, many OPTIFAST patients report they feel more energetic than they have for a long time. Positive change can occur quickly. In addition to losing weight, you will improve your health, learn new, healthier eating habits and engage in activities so that when you return to self-prepared foods, you are better equipped to manage your weight long term.