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“I am eternally grateful for the changes that you have effected in all our lives! I don’t know what I would do without you!!!!!” -Megan

“I was always taught that the foundations of fitness were cardio, strength and flexibility. I practiced each of these fitness foundations until the point where I was unable to stand, sit, drive a car or sleep without pain. At Wellness by Design I learned that my injuries and pain were caused by improper spine position during my workouts.
The staff at Wellness by Design taught me exercises that reshaped by spine, healed my existing injuries and prevented new ones. I now know that the true foundation of fitness is having a healthy long spine. It is only when one maintains a long spine during exercising will one truly realize the benefits of cardio, strength and flexibility training.” -Marc

“Wellness By Design is a wonderful place to work out. There is a very positive vibe, with no intimidation or attitude. The workouts are hard, and they work. It is very convenient to have the med-spa and gym all in one place. Obviously, I love the place!!!” ~Shauna

“Rachna has taught me how to observe and listen to my body. I attend “Long Spine” and “Hour of Power” and have learned about my body; I have elongated my neck and can feel my core muscles now.
Rachna is a very enthusiastic, passionate, ambitious teacher. She is always learning new techniques and passing them on to us.
She is very observant; there can be 5 or 6 people and she will notice I’m doing something out of alignment, and she will correct me. I love Rachna and do recommend Wellness by Design to everyone!” -Azar

“Wellness by Design has brought me an awareness about my body that has never been taught in any gym or fitness class I’ve ever attended. I move smarter and more consciously when exercising, whether it’s a spin class, a personal training session, a power class, or a hike. I feel stronger and live with less pain thanks to the dynamic help I’ve received at Wellness by Design.” -Yolanda

“Here are a few thoughts and words that come to mind when I think about my personal experience:
1. Transformative
2. Wellness from the inside out
3. I personally think WBD’s specialty is the “diagnostic genius” of miss Rachna. It all starts there !
4. The staff have great attitudes and pay great attention to detail
5. The gym feels like a community of people committed to long term wellness”

“I love the classes. They are unique and like nothing else around! The classes are enlightening and give total results!” -Gretchen

“Working out with a physical therapist = strength and fitness without injuries. Working out with friends = an amazing support system. Working out with Rachna = the best expereince ever!” -Ann

“The gym at Wellness by Design is true to its name. I feel like all the elements of Wellness are present in that space. Words that come to mind: Warm, Holistic, Fun, and Open.” -Lorna

“At 50 I am, for the first time, truly feeling my core strength. The workout here is unique and empowering!” -Gina

“I have been working out for most of my adult life. I’ve worked with numerous personal trainers (thousands of dollars) and joined and quit gyms many many times. When a friend introduced me to Wellness By Design, a small boutique gym, I went in pretty skeptical. Group classes were normally not as challenging and pretty “plain wrapped”. After my first class, I realized this was different from anything I had experienced before, even with a one on one personal trainer. The owner, Rachna LaLonde, has a philosophy that is based on her education as a physical therapist and a deep understanding of how the body works. Our work outs are not only challenging, but for the first time, I felt that someone cared about correct movement, core strength, all around healthiness, from the inside out. Her Longspine Method is life changing. She cares about how we move, how we walk, how we stand, our posture, our spines. Its the most amazing experience and workout with a group of women who I now call my friends. Stepping to Wellness By Design changed my life for the better and I don’t know how many things I can say that about. For those of us who are passionate about aging with strength and agility, it’s a lifestyle, not a workout.”

“I was spending long hours at the gym and getting no results. LongSpine is a new kind of workout that offers multiple exercises in circuit training for a leaner, fitter, and a stronger body with quick results. After only a few sessions I notice a difference in my strength, posture, and body. With less time, I was able to get better results and look and feel great!!!” -Puja

“I would love to contribute because what you do at Wellness is unique; it is unlike any other gym/physical therapy clinic I’ve ever been to. You care about the whole person from the inside out and you work with your patients to make us better for the long term. You change how we think about our bodies so that we can be healthy and strong. I will never go back to my old ways and I will always be grateful to you for not only motivating me, but inspiring me to be the best I can possibly be.” -Shawna

“Wellness by Design is a truly transformative experience. Three words come to mind when I think about Rachna LaLonde’s method and facility: doctrine, dedication and discipline. Rachna and her team are trained physical therapists, and her scientific based method has become doctrine amongst her trainers and clients. When followed this doctrine reaps incredible results. Dedication is demonstrated by tailor made work outs and true care and compassion for clients. The discipline modeled at Wellness by Design is contagious! The wholehearted commitment to lifelong health for each person who walks in the door is why I feel truly grateful to be a part of this incredible experience. Thank you, Rachna and team, for all you do!” -Megan

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