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Top 10 Diet and Exercise Tips

December 19, 2018

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Ahhh, the holidays, winter, the new year… A festive and joyous time of year and also that time of year that fills us with angst of over indulging, lapses in workouts, and how to get back on track after its all done. Well, if you’re like the majority of the world out there with the number one New Year’s resolution to get in shape, then we have some tips for you. Starting a new diet or exercise routine can be a great start to a healthier, happier life. A large percentage of these health commitments fail after just a few weeks, however. If you’re thinking about trying a new routine, use the following tips to help avoid common mistakes.

  1. Plan ahead. Sporadic workouts and dieting are ineffective. Create a regular workout schedule that fits into your week, and plan around irregular events. Additionally, planning meals and shopping appropriately can help save you from binging on snacks.
  2. Read labels. In a perfect world, everything labeled “healthy” would actually help you lose weight. This not being the case, don’t be afraid to do some research to find out if “diet” food is actually helping you.
  3. Measure accurately. Bathroom scales are useful weight-loss measurement tools, but realize that becoming healthy involves aspects that aren’t measured in weight. Record how your shape and emotional state improve to get a fuller idea of your health.
  4. Set realistic goals. You might want to lose a bunch of weight, but it can be more helpful to set smaller short-term goals. Make specific goals and talk to a health professional to be sure it would be healthy to achieve your goals.
  5. Track your eating. Most people underestimate how many calories are in their food. Write down what you eat and count the calories carefully, so you know if that extra dessert will push you over.
  6. Balance your diet. When you start working out, your muscles need more protein and your digestive system needs more fiber. Talk to a health professional for tips on maximizing your diet for a new workout routine.
  7. Do a variety of exercise. Working out various parts of your body will help you lose weight faster. Weight training is especially helpful for increasing metabolism and toning.
  8. Expect some failure. Don’t let yourself give up just because you made a few mistakes here and there. Give yourself permission to fail and don’t let it keep you from trying again.
  9. Make new habits. Many weight-loss programs fail because they don’t stick, so once the goal has been met, people fall back into their old habits and gain the weight right back.
  10. Enjoy yourself. The best diet and exercise are the kind that you enjoy. A health professional at Newport Medical and Wellness Center can help you choose the diet and fitness options that you’ll be able to stick with.

Give yourself the best chance at success when starting a new diet or exercise program. With the right mindset and appropriate tools, you can be on your way to a healthier body and life. Need some help along the way? Give us a call: 949-631-9009. We provide motivating group exercise classes, personal training, and supervised weight loss programs. Plan ahead and make 2019 your best year yet!

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