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Wrinkles Be Gone: Getting Rid of Facial Lines With Botox®

May 18, 2018

in Med Spa

Your face can do incredible things. The ability to see, speak and show expression are all marvels of the face that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Unfortunately, the same muscles that provide so many tools will also cause the skin to develop creases over time. The simple solution is to visit Newport Medical and Wellness Center and ask about the use of Botox for wrinkles and lines. This procedure is fast, effective and affordable, and the best way to send those eye and forehead wrinkles packing.

No Time Wasted

Botox injections can be administered quickly and the results are immediate. Patients can also resume normal, non-strenuous activities as soon as they leave the clinic. The procedure requires no local anesthetic, so appointments can be fit into your busy schedule.

Results That Last

Of the many benefits of Botox, patients find the lasting effects to be one of the best. After a quick visit to the clinic and a virtually painless treatment, you can expect those unwanted lines to stay out of sight for upwards of three months. People typically undergo three or four treatments annually, and that’s enough to keep skin looking young and healthy year round.

Safety First

Two factors to help ease any concerns about Botox treatment:

  • FDA approved
  • Highly trained practitioners at Newport Medical and Wellness perform all treatments.

This procedure has been safely administered for many years, and patients only receive treatment after a clinical assessment.

Nominal Cost

At a low per-unit price, most patients are pleasantly surprised by how affordable Botox is. Even with semi-annual treatments, the cost of this innovative and effective treatment stays astonishingly low.

You can’t stop the passage of time, but that doesn’t mean your face has to succumb to the signs of aging. Botox treatments at Newport Medical and Wellness Center enables you to safely and quickly smooth out wrinkles and have healthy, younger-looking skin. To learn more or schedule an appointment, call 949.631.9009 and speak to a helpful technician. Or request an appointment below:

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