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Don’t Forget the Sunscreen This Summer

May 29, 2018

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Sunny summer weather is the time for sunglasses, cold drinks and bare skin—and that means plenty of sunblock, too. Choosing the best sunscreen isn’t just important for preventing burns; it’s essential to maintaining healthy skin now and in the future. Learn more about why it’s important to keep up good habits when summertime rolls around.

Short-Term Benefits

When you’re headed out for a day in the sun, it’s essential that you prepare properly. Applying sunscreen can substantially reduce your likelihood of sunburns and other related injuries. There are a few summer skin secrets dos and don’ts to keep mind:

  • Do review the numbers. Sun Protection Factor is important. Doctors recommend a minimum value of SPF 30 for most individuals to prevent burning.
  • Don’t delay. Lotions should be applied a half-hour before going outside, then reapplied every two hours, regardless of whether the product is advertised as all-day protection.
  • Do apply thoroughly. Wear sunscreen under any cosmetics, and don’t forget about your face, ears, neck and all other exposed areas.
  • Don’t skimp. About 45 ml of sunscreen is what you need for get enough coverage, or enough to fill a shot glass. Avoid thin layers, which provide less protection.

Regular use is part of a quality summer skin care regimen, which aids in maintaining supple, well hydrated skin. It also helps avoid nasty sunburns—not to mention all the old lobster jokes from your friends.

Long-Term Advantages

The best sunscreen benefits aren’t always evident immediately. Good products are likely to protect you from a host of unsavory conditions, including wrinkles, sagging leathery skin and age spots. Cellular changes occurring from ultraviolet (UVA) exposure can eventually lead to development of skin cancer, the most common form affecting Americans today.

Quality Coverage

Find a selection of the best sunscreen and skin care products at Newport Medical and Wellness, home to medical-grade solutions that’ll provide the protection you need in any season. NuDerm_SunShieldMatte

Newport Medical carries Obagi Skin Care products for optimal skin care.  Get set for summer so you and your family can hit the beach with your mind at ease.


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