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How to Tame Your Troubled Double Chin

July 6, 2018

in Kybella, Med Spa

The dreaded double chin is one of the most common concerns for individuals seeking cosmetic treatment. Caused by the accumulation of fat in the area underneath the chin where it meets the neck, the build-up can be unsightly. There are many options available for individuals looking to remove their second chin. With the right counter-measures you can create a more defined jaw line, without the excess under-chin baggage.

Why Do Double Chins Occur?

Although the most basic answer is excess fat around the chin and neck, there are multiple factors which can contribute to the production of and carrying of the fat. As you age the areas where fat is stored in your body can shift, so it can develop on its own despite limited changes to other factors. Diet is also a strong factor in how your body retains fat, so a change in the fat content of food you eat, and your calories consumed vs. calories burned is a potential treatment. It’s also possible, however, that a second chin is simply genetic, caused by the way you individually store fat.

Exercise Can Help Reduce Fat

As with fat elsewhere in the body, focusing on your chin is one way to attempt to counter fat deposits. Chewing gum is a simple, unobtrusive way to increase the use of your jaw muscles and can be done as you go about your day as normal. If you have time to commit to specific exercises compressing a tennis ball underneath your chin also activates the muscles. While exercise helps, unfortunately if your double chin is genetically based, it may not be enough.

Are There Non-Surgical Solutions?

While many think of a necklift or liposuction when treating excess fat deposits, there are less obtrusive options, as well. Using a combination of Kybella treatments for dissolving chin fat and Juvederm from Newport Health and Wellness, you can reduce the fat underneath your chin, and sculpt the area to create a jaw line you prefer. Kybella injections kill the fat cells in your neck, preventing them from storing additional fat in the future, so when you burn the fat off it stays off. This can drastically reduce the amount of fat under your chin. You may be worried removing that fat will cause excess skin to form the dreaded turkey neck, but Juvederm can be used to fill out the area in a more eye-pleasing way than before.

If you’ve been struggling with a double chin, there’s reason to be optimistic. By understanding the causes of your chin’s fat deposits you can develop a plan to remedy it. Whether it’s through diet, exercise, assistance from a Kybella and Juvederm professional or a mix of all three, you can get started fixing your second chin today.

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