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New Beneficial IVs on the Market

June 11, 2020

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Did you know IV therapy is considered one of the hottest new fitness and wellness trends? But it’s not like many other trends or fads that are likely to fade away within the next few years. Instead, IV therapy is most likely here to stay. Here’s what you should know about this highly beneficial new therapy and the most cutting-edge IVs on the market.

How IV Therapy Works

IV therapy delivers nutrients and hydration to the body in a very quick and effective way. Instead of using traditional oral methods of delivery, IV therapy uses a needle to deliver the nutrients directly to the bloodstream. There is no quicker way to get the formula to the various body tissues.

The intended purpose of IV treatments depends on each patient’s needs. For example, some IV formulas are intended to deliver electrolytes to the body while others might send effective doses of vitamins straight into the bloodstream. If you’re interested in IV treatments for a specific purpose, let a doctor know. He or she will be able to recommend the right treatment based on your current needs.

Most IV treatment sessions last about 30 minutes. You can take a book along with you if you want some entertainment during your session. If you just want a Boost Shot to help increase your energy, you’ll need no more than a minute to receive it.

What IV Therapy Is Good For

IV treatments show promise for many different physical needs. They can do everything from boost energy to minimize migraines. They’re commonly used by athletes who need to improve their hydration and stamina. Since more than 75% of Americans are dehydrated most of the time, hydration therapy is important. IV therapies are also good for the average person who simply wants to look and feel better. Many people use IV therapy to finally get rid of stubborn excess pounds.

Newport Medical and Wellness Center is home to Boost Hydration and they together offer more than 20 different IV infusions that can target different goals or conditions. Each is formulated with proprietary ingredients. If you have a unique need that isn’t addressed by an already existing formula, don’t worry. Newport Medical and Wellness Center can create a completely customized formula based on your body’s needs and your health and wellness goals.

IV Therapy Safety Information

IV treatments are very safe when conducted by skilled professionals. It’s important not to get any type of injection from a random person or someone who’s offering such treatments out of their home. But if you go to a trusted location such as Boost Hydration at Newport Medical and Wellness Center, you’ll be treated to a relaxing and safe experience.

Learn More

If you’ve been searching for ways to combat low energy, replenish your body and mind, or treat certain health concerns, IV therapy may be a good solution. Before you schedule your first appointment, take some time to do your research. Not all people are good candidates for IV treatments, but for those who are generally in good health, such treatments can boost quality of life and bring specific health and wellness goals within reach.

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