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4 Ways to Work More Veggies into Your Holiday Meal

November 14, 2018

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Each and every year, holiday festivities pose a huge challenge to dieting individuals around the globe. Buttery casseroles, roasted meats, starches and desserts are hard to avoid during the holiday season, and have proven to be the downfall of more than a few seasoned dieters. However, there are a few steps you can take to make your meal a healthier one by working in more vegetables, so you don’t need to worry about losing all your progress at your gatherings.

  1. Serve a Salad

If there’s one truth in the culinary world, it’s that a good salad full of nutritious leafy greens is welcome at any meal. Whether you’re hosting a gathering at home or you happen to be heading to someone else’s home for a get-together, bring along a healthy salad with healthy fixings like vinaigrette dressings. Indulging in a salad before the rest of your meal helps you fill up on healthy food before you start in on the not-so-healthy options.

  1. Replace the Casserole

It’s hard to consider replacing classics such as green bean casseroles in your holiday meal plan, but it’s an excellent way to save yourself some calories while you’re chowing down.  Furthermore, you don’t need to sacrifice flavor when swapping out your casserole for a healthy, non-starchy veggie. For example, roasted Brussels sprouts, roasted squash and carrots are excellent, flavorful options that are packed with nutrients.

  1. The 50 Percent Rule

Another way to get more vegetables into your meal is to fill up at least 50 percent of your plate with veggies when serving yourself. This ensures that at least half of what you’re eating is good for you, even if you’re accompanying it with less healthy sides. Furthermore, try and eat that half-plate of veggies first. They’ll fill you up faster (especially if they’re fibrous) and leave less room for those unhealthy foods populating the rest of your plate.

  1. Simplify the Menu

One huge issue that makes eating healthy hard is the sheer number of things on the buffet-style menu at most holiday gatherings. Often, people feel the need to try a little of everything, which inevitably leads to overeating. Therefore, try simplifying your menu. Cutting down the options alongside replacing some more fattening sides with vegetables, fruits and leafy greens can help you get more vegetables in while cutting down on the amount you eat.

Following these tips, getting in a little physical activity after your large meal and working alongside a health care center like Newport Medical and Wellness that supports weight loss throughout the entire year can help you maintain your weight loss goals even during the trying holiday months.

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