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We’re living in a day and time in which our society is very much preoccupied with the appearance of good health, youth and wellness.  Sadly, when taken overboard, that preoccupation can lead to patterns of unhealthy indulgences that place our hearts, joints and nervous systems at a disadvantage.

weight loss costa mesaFortunately, though, there’s a vast academic circle of medical professionals that have come up with intelligent solutions to assist us in attaining and maintaining healthy body weight. That’s the basis of supervised weight loss at Newport Medical and Wellness: to offer a smart, “doable” tailor made program that helps each of our patients lose weight for good.

Our Supervised Weight Loss Programs

At Newport Medical & Wellness, it’s important to us to offer a thoughtful program, primarily focused on a supervised weight loss that meets each client’s specific needs in a very real way. We use a variety of elements together to promote maximum fitness, ranging from meal replacements and appetite suppressants to group fitness classes and personal training sessions with our staff.

Why Supervised Weight Loss Works

Regardless of what the advertising industry might want you to believe, there’s no single, magical weight loss solution that can transform you overnight. There isn’t one pill, trend or fad that will shed 30 pounds for you in the span of a couple of weeks without seriously compromising your health.  Instead, there are thoughtful, intelligent, long-lasting programs that can set you on a course to greater health.

That’s what we offer – a comprehensive series comprised of certified experts, personal guidance and genuine motivation. These things, working together, can help you achieve your ideal weight via a balanced, health-focused manner that’s actually good for you, unlike those late-night TV pills.

Weight Loss Rates

Currently, our supervised weight loss programs are not covered by insurance; our staff, however, is always happy to talk with you about our pricing structure and explain its components to find the best weight loss solution with affordable prices.

Fitness Classes

Classes run Monday through Saturday (check the calendar for times). Classes are an intense boot camp styled with changes daily that always incorporates the following exercise formats:

  • Core Stabilizationfitness classes
  • Cardiopulmonary Exercises
  • Plyometric Exercises
  • Resistance Training
  • Body Sculpting
  • Long Spine Method

Class Rates

  • One class – $20
  • Package of 10 classes – $150
  • Package of 20 classes – $260
  • Kids Package of 10 classes – $100
  • Monthly unlimited classes – $200

Appetite SuppressantMeal Replacement and Appetite Suppressant Rates

  • Initial Consultation, Free
  • Monthly Follow-up Visit for Phentermine/Appetite Suppressant, $60.00, Phentermine/Appetite Suppressant Medication, $30.00
  • Optifast/Meal Replacement Follow-up Visits, $20.00
  • Optifast Ready to Drink Shakes, $86.00/27 count
  • Power Mix, $18.50/7 count
  • Soup, $21.00/7 count
  • Bars, $21.00/7 count
  • Nano Meal Replacement Shake, 10packets $50
  • Nano Lean Power Drink, 30packets $35
  • Nano Fish Oil Liquid Supplement $30

Give us a call at 949-631-9009. We’d love to schedule an appointment with you!

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