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Healthy Eating Ideas for Summertime Gatherings

July 8, 2019

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If you’re trying to eat healthy and avoid excess sugar in your diet, it can be easy to fall off the wagon during Summer holidays like Independence Day and Labor Day when treats are prevalent. The key to sticking to your goals is to create a plan in advance. Newport Medical and Wellness Center offers customized weight loss plans that can help you reach your goals, but it’s essential to avoid regressing during holidays.  Here are a few healthy eating ideas that will help you enjoy your Summertime Gatherings without giving in to processed, sugary foods.

Main Meal

If you’re hosting a Summer party, you can give your guests a delicious, satisfying meal without sacrificing your own health goals. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Swap fatty hamburgers with lean chicken burgers paired with delicious sumac sauce. Omit the buns or opt for whole wheat buns if you’re watching your white flour intake.
  • Ditch the standard french fries and bake up some mouthwatering, potassium-rich sweet potato fries instead.
  • Grill festive pork, beef or chicken skewers with tomatoes, peppers and mushrooms
  • Enjoy a chilled pea soup garnished with tender cooked lobster

If you have a favorite main meal you like to enjoy, think of ways to “healthify” it by swapping out unhealthy ingredients with better choices.


You may be used to loading your snack table with chips, buttered popcorn and cookies for Summer parties, but this year is a great time to make a change. Here are a few ideas for healthy, yet delicious snacks to put on your table:

  • Red, white and blue trail mix (dried blueberries, dried cranberries and yogurt-covered almonds)
  • Chia seed pudding nestled between layers of crushed raspberries and juicy blueberries
  • Whole wheat crackers and mozzarella cheese
  • Zucchini patties

You can also make a tasty and refreshing avocado chip dip and dunk whole wheat crackers in it for a satisfying crunch.


Instead of indulging in the typical red, white and blue pastries, why not prepare a large bowl of red and blue fruits with a yogurt-based dip? You can also swap sugary Jell-O salad with a sugar-free version so you can still enjoy all the great flavor without the guilt. Here are a few more ideas for festive, guilt-free Independence Day desserts:

  • Watermelon wedges
  • Cream-stuffed strawberries
  • Fruit kabobs
  • Frozen bananas dipped in dark chocolate
  • Sugar-free avocado cheesecake

There are ways to make almost any dessert healthier. Check sugar and flour substitute charts online to learn how to swap common dessert ingredients with healthier options so you can stay on track to reach your health goals.

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