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The O.C. Is famous for a number of things – most notably, its beautiful beaches and its equally breathtaking residents.  Numerous television shows and major motion pictures are set in this gem of the West Coast, and for good reason: everywhere you look, there’s something that’s bound to hold your attention.

That’s why it’s no shock to find luxurious medical spas in places like Newport Beach offering celebrity-favored procedures like Botox; Newport Medical and Wellness stand as a perfect example of the sort of place one would go for reputable, safe treatment in a spa-like environment. Stunning celebs from Jenny McCarthy and Courteney Cox to Daisy Fuentes and Kim Cattrall have openly raved about the benefits of Botox. That’s why we’ve been doing Botox injections here at Newport Medical and Wellness Center for the last seven years for our patients who desire a more refreshed and youthful appearance. Botox can erase a patient’s fine line to create a relaxed and rejuvenated look.

How Botox Works

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Very simply, Botox blocks the nerve impulses that are normally sent to the tiny muscles in the face that, if left alone, usually become wrinkled with age.  Specifically, Botox allows those muscles to take a break from contracting for a while, giving them a chance to relax. In the procedure, a medical professional injects a small amount of Botox into the face in several places with a fine needle. Our clients often describe the sensation as being no more dramatic than a small bug bite.

What You Should Expect

Botox is a relatively painless procedure; generally, discomfort is minimal due to the topical numbing cream applied prior to injections. Newport Medical and Wellness patients are able to resume normal activities quickly after an appointment and return to their daily exercise regimen in 24 hours. Put simply, the procedure is non-invasive and non-disruptive to your day-to-day life.

How Long It Lasts

A Botox treatment generally lasts three to four months; the skin remains smooth and wrinkle-free where it’s been treated, while the untreated facial muscles contract normally, leaving the expressions of the face looking natural.

How Much It Costs

Regardless of the fact that some of the entertainment industry’s biggest power players depend on Botox to look their best; clients are in for a pleasant surprise when the topic of fees comes up. Here at Newport Medical and Wellness, Botox is offered at a very affordable $10 per unit; for reference, a typical treatment may range from 10 to 70 units total. We recommend that treatments be repeated three to four times per year to maintain the desired effect.  Monthly specials and discounts our offered year round for our social media club members*ask our front desk staff for details.

Effectiveness Statistics

The statistics really what tell the story behind Botox: in fact, clinical trials showed 80 percent of women continuing to exhibit clinically significant results beyond a month after initial treatments, and visible results have been shown to last up to four months. Nearly 12 million women and men around the world over have used Botox to maintain a youthful look – that’s a staggering number all on its own.  In sum, Botox’s popularity – and effectiveness – can’t be denied.

Safety Facts

We never recommend treatment to clients who aren’t medically considered to be good candidates.  Botox is considered a medical grade treatment that can only be administered by a doctor, nurse, or physician assistant.  The practitioner talks specifically with each patient about his or her medical history before we proceed with any injections. From an overall safety perspective, the FDA officially granted its approval of Botox more than 10 years ago, which means leading health experts have agreed for more than a decade on its safety and effectiveness.

Here at Newport Medical and Wellness, we are a regional leader in terms of the number of patients we treat and the amount of Botox we inject on a yearly basis.  We’re always open to discussing your questions or concerns about whether Botox may be the right choice for you, and consultations are free of charge.

Let’s Get Started

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