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It’s no secret that the O.C. is largely known for its fashion-forward inhabitants and sun-drenched lifestyle. Teeming with beautiful people, the area stays on the leading edge of beauty technology and cosmetic advances.

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That’s why it’s not surprising to find top-notch medical spas providing services like Botox in Costa Mesa, with Newport Medical and Wellness chief among them. Gorgeous stars like Kim Cattrall, Linda Evangelista, Daisy Fuentes and Jennie Garth have specifically sung the praises of Botox, and we’re happy to provide it to our clients who wish to reduce the look of fine lines and preserve a refreshed and youthful appearance.

How It Works

Put very simply, Botox blocks nerve impulses sent to the miniscule muscles in the face that are known to become wrinkled. In particular, it lets the muscles it comes in contact with relax and stop contracting for a period of time. With a fine needle, we inject a tiny amount of Botox into several parts of the face. Many of our clients have referred to the sensation as little more than the feeling of a small bug bite.

What To Expect

Relatively speaking, Botox is a fairly painless procedure; discomfort is typically so minimal that sedation and local anesthetic aren’t required at all. Our clients can go back to their usual activities right after an appointment, and get back to their daily exercise regimen in under 24 hours. In essence, the procedure is incredibly non-invasive, causing little to no disruption to your day-to-day lifestyle.

How Long Does It Last?

The benefits of Botox generally last 3 to 4 months; in spots that have been treated, the face stays smooth and wrinkle-free, with untreated facial muscles contracting normally and leaving the client’s expressions unaffected.

How Much Does It Cost?

Even though many of Hollywood’s power players rely on the treatment to look their best, many people are pleasantly surprised to realize it’s not expensive at all. Newport Medical and Wellness offers Botox for $10 per unit; typical treatments range from 10 to 70 units each. The treatments should be repeated three to four times per year to keep the results achieved in the first visit.

How Effective Is It?

The statistics are powerful in and of themselves: the results of clinical trials indicated that 80 percent of women were still showing clinically significant results more than 30 days after their Botox treatments. Even more convincing: nearly 12 million women around the world have used Botox to get rid of fine lines and an exhausted appearance, emerging from the experience with a fresher, more youthful look.

How Safe Is It?

At Newport Health and Wellness, we never recommend treatment to a client who, for any reason, isn’t a good candidate. As Botox isn’t an over-the-counter treatment, but rather, something that must be prescribed by a professional, we discuss each client’s medical history and answer any questions that arise during our consult prior to scheduling injections. In terms of overall safety, it’s important to know that Botox was given FDA approval more than a decade ago; its safety has been agreed upon by many of the nation’s leading health experts. We’ll gladly discuss any concerns you might have about whether the procedure is a good fit for your lifestyle and goals.

Ready to Look and Feel Fantastic?

Let us schedule an appointment with you to discuss your goals and determine the ideal plan to meet your expectations.

Give us a call at 949-631-9009. We can’t wait to talk with you!

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