5 Ways To Stay Fit This Holiday Season

5 Ways To Stay Fit This Holiday Season

December 6, 2019

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When you have work off around the holidays, you may be tempted to spend your days relaxing rather than staying fit. You’re also more likely to indulge in sweets and fattening pastries when you’re celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year. However, all that partying can take a toll on your mental, physical and emotional health. While it’s good to spend time enjoying the company of the people you love, it’s also important to make time for your own health year-round. Here are five ways to stay fit this holiday season. 

Speed-Walk Through the Mall

Did you know you can burn up to 300 calories per hour walking briskly? If you’re overwhelmed by all the Christmas shopping you need to do and you don’t feel like you have time to take a walk, try speed-walking through the mall. Just use courtesy and don’t plough anyone over while you’re at it. Combining brisk walking with shopping is a fun, productive way to stay fit. 


Contrary to popular belief, dehydration is not just a summer thing. In fact, some experts say your chances of getting dehydrated during the winter increase because you don’t typically feel very thirsty. When you’re dehydrated, your body’s natural balance of electrolytes is compromised and you can’t function optimally. It’s natural to feel less thirsty in the winter, but if you fail to hydrate adequately, the consequences can be disastrous. Newport Medical and Wellness Center offers vitamin hydration and injection therapies to help you avoid dehydration year-round. 

Make Indulgence a Single Event

Instead of allowing yourself to chow down on pies, cakes and eggnog all season long, limit yourself. Make indulgence a single, special event. For example, if you attend a holiday party, allow yourself one trip to the dessert table, enjoy a modest amount of sweets, then go back to socializing. Resist the urge to return to the dessert table again and again. 

Don’t Become an “All-or-Nothing” Person

Keep in mind that you’re bound to slip up at times during the holidays. Whether you eat more pecan pie than you wanted to or you can’t fit a workout in one day, don’t let the minor failure derail you entirely. If you take an “all-or-nothing” approach to life, you’re much less likely to enjoy life and take the punches as they come. The most well-rounded people can deal with unexpected events, moments of weakness and even failure in healthy ways. If you have an “off” day, that’s okay. Everyone does. Just commit to doing better tomorrow. 

Get Enough Sleep

During the holidays, people tend to stay out late and party. Others may lie awake in bed stressed about all the holiday shopping they still need to do. Approximately 53% of American parents can expect to have trouble sleeping because of “holiday stress.” To keep this from happening to you, establish a relaxing bedtime routine and clear your mind of thoughts that induce anxiety. You may even find it helpful to listen to a meditation track while you drift off to sleep at night. 

These tips are simple, but they can yield great results. Follow all of them (if you can) to keep your body and mind healthy all winter long. 

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