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4 Easy Ways to Get Healthy in Time for Travel Season

June 7, 2019

in Medical & Wellness

Whether you like to roam the world or discover new areas a little closer to home, peak traveling season is almost here. To make the most out of your adventurous exploits, it’s important to make sure you’re in good physical condition so you have the ability to hike and explore to your heart’s content. If you’ve relaxed a little too much this past winter, here are four easy things you can do to get fit and healthy in time for travel season.

  1. Eat Healthy

Eating healthier is as easy as replacing sugary treats and drinks with more nutritious options. Increasing your vegetable intake reaching for sweet fruits when you’re craving candies and cakes can go a long way toward increasing your stamina and giving you the sustained energy you need to enjoy your busy travel itinerary.

  1. Exercise Regularly

If you aren’t already doing so, aim for no less than 15 minutes of exercise every day. If you already exercise regularly, consider changing up your routine or adding a little intensity. This will prepare you for hiking, swimming or other exercises you plan to engage in during your summertime travels.

  1. Lose Weight

If you’re carrying around excess pounds, eating healthy and exercising regularly should help you obtain and maintain a healthier weight. However, there are some factors that can make weight loss feel nearly impossible, including genetics, hormone levels and certain medications. If you need a little extra help with your weight loss goals, you may want to consider joining a personal training and wellness program overseen by a nurse practitioner. Newport Medical and Wellness Center offers a personalized weight loss program that has provided clients with great results in areas of weight management, balance and strength.

  1. Get Sufficient Sleep

Thanks to longer days and shorter nights, many people tend to get less sleep in the summer than they do in the winter. If you consistently get insufficient sleep at night, your mental and physical performance will likely suffer and you’ll have a harder time maintaining high levels of energy throughout your vacation. Keep this from happening by maintaining a fairly consistent sleep schedule throughout the summer months. You may feel like you’re missing out on the fun if you don’t attend every late-night party you’re invited to, but remember to treat your body well and give it the time it needs to recuperate.

If you’re ready to make the most out of traveling season, start implementing these healthful practices today. The good news is that you’ll probably start to notice a change in how you look and feel within just a few days!

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