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3 Reasons You Should See a Massage Therapist Even Without a Bad Back

January 25, 2019

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Your body shouldn’t have to speak loudly to get your attention. Perhaps it feels like everything is working as it should. However, intruders might be attempting to obstruct your system without you even noticing. Seeing a massage therapist at Newport Medical and Wellness can be sensible for anyone for the following reasons.

1) It’s Smart to Check In

You tend to know your body needs care if the immediate issue is pain or a visible injury. But what if that physical pain takes longer to become clear in your body? It isn’t uncommon for the initial symptoms of an ailment to happen under the surface. Your body could need professional help or attention even if you aren’t feeling discomfort yet.

A massage therapist isn’t just useful for reducing muscle pain. Benefits are well documented and practically endless. From reducing muscle tension and overall stress, to stimulating lymphatic flow, improving flexibility and circulation, reducing headaches and increasing immunity, bodywork is a key component to maintain an healthy lifestyle.  

2) Preventative Care is Important

Whether you’re an athlete or struggling to get to the gym two times a week, preventative care should be on your radar. No one wants to be riddled with sickness or recovering from a twisted ankle they endured from taking out the trash.

Since your nervous and immune system are often in direct communication with each other, seeing a specialist who can remove barriers within the physical body (such as back tightness and neck tension) to relax aspects of the nervous system can have a positive effect on how your body defends itself against viruses. Also, regular visits to a massage therapist can help strengthen your muscles and improve flexibility—especially if they’ve been damaged from previous injuries. Professional athletes don’t get bodywork after each game just to sooth sore bodies. They know that it will help prevent future injuries and recover faster.

3) Relief from Various Problems

With the constant flow of caffeine and sugar, bright screens, and awkward neck positions throughout the day, it should be no surprise that headaches are increasingly common among individuals. The release of a stiff neck or tense back through a massage therapist’s techniques is usually sufficient to improve existing headache spurts, along with reducing the medication needed for common conditions such as allergies and asthma.

Take Care Today for Ease Tomorrow

Part of the responsibility of having a physical body is giving it your full attention more than once in a while. Ensuring your body is healthy is not selfish; it is the most selfless thing you can do. Regular sessions are proven to be significant contributor to positive stress management. Our in-house massage therapist, Sica Jefferson, has been practicing massage therapy for over 20 years. Her broad range of experience and years of training allow Sica to specialize in therapeutic and sports massage, as well as Swedish, relaxation, lymphatic drainage, prenatal, and hot stone massage. A trip to Newport Medical and Wellness for a massage and bodywork visit could save you a costly doctor’s visit later down the road. Schedule your appointment today at: contact us at 949-631-9009 or email Sica directly sica@newportmassageworks.com.

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