Welcome to Newport Tattoo Removal

At Newport Tattoo Removal we use the latest technology to remove or lighten your tattoos more quickly and with less pain than traditional tattoo removal. We utilize the Picosure laser platform, the newest and most advanced product on the market, which has been proven clinically to remove most tattoos in less than half the time as the older q-switch lasers. The Picosure laser even treats previously treated tattoos that were unresponsive to other treatments. Come visit our state of the art office.

We take pride in treating everyone with the utmost respect and warmth. We offer several payment options including pay as you go, monthly payments, package deals, and Care Credit financing. With over 15 years experience in the field of lasers, our experts at Newport Tattoo Removal provide the highest quality of service at highly affordable rates. Our philosophy is simple, if you look better, you feel better about yourself. An unwanted tattoo can really bring down your self esteem. Schedule your free consult today and start feeling better about yourself!