Wellness by Design

Founded by Rachna Lalonde, P.T. in 1998, Wellness by Design is a unique physical therapy setting where emphasis is placed on each individual’s specific needs, goals, and dysfunctions when creating a collaborative treatment plan. Therapists and patients work together to achieve optimal individualized health, wellness and rehabilitation goals. Clients receive skilled rehabilitation care from highly educated and trained therapy staff. Proactive clients can receive fitness and wellness guidance from our dedicated healthcare providers.


“A place where your injury can be treated and your pain can be relieved.“

LongSpine Method

“LongSpine therapeutic exercise….“


“A 72 year old sage-like woman can demonstrate a backbend to a new post surgical 40 year old mother of 3 for the purpose of INSPIRATION“

Class Calendar

“It doesn’t matter where you start, the focus is on where you are going“

Physical Therapy Team

“Where I can exercise and know that my form is being watched by a highly trained eye but my body is being helped by an enormously caring heart“